Two Dessert Express

Two quick and simple Vietnamese desserts that can be made in an hour or less? Yep, we gotcha.

In this kids cooking webinar your little darlings will make rau câu dừa (coconut jelly) and đậu hũ nước đường (silken tofu with ginger syrup), two dishes that just so happen to be vegan.

In Vietnam, coconut jelly is considered a cooling dessert, perfect for steamy summer days, while tofu with ginger syrup is considered a winter warmer, and is more commonly found in the north of the country and the cool central highlands.

Yum number one – silken tofu with ginger syrup
Yum number two – coconut jelly

Tuesdays at 2pm AEDT
Cost: A$25/device (more than one child can share a device)
Maximum eight devices/cookalong

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