Meatball Express

Roll up for this fun one-hour cookalong that will get you and/or your kids serving up delicious Vietnamese meatballs for lunch.

In Vietnam, xíu mại (meatballs) are always a hit with the kids. They're full of flavour, not spicy and pretty easy to make. Vietnamese kids often help their parents or grandparents make this dish, which is served over rice, or smooshed up inside a bánh mì (baguette).

The smile says it all ....

This fun cookalong will talk you through each step of the process, from mixing and rolling the meatballs to cooking them on the stove.

Once you book you'll get a shopping list for the ingredients. A few days before the class you'll get a reminder email that will let you know what you need to do to prepare for the class, such as how many mixing bowls, knives and pots you'll need.

Cost: A$25/device (more than one person can share a device)
Maximum eight devices/cookalong

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