“I can’t wait to do the soup again, and the pork, and well everything. It was all so delicious and well balanced and easy.” – Steve from Sydney.
“The food was delicious and the concept is fantastic. I’d love to do it again.” – Ang from Perth.
“Everything was delicious! I learned so much.” – Nic from Brisbane.

About Saigon Supper Club

Saigon Supper Club was created to give people holiday-at-home foodie experiences while international travel is off the cards.

Before the pandemic hit, Barbara and Vu had been running street food tours in Ho Chi Minh City through Saigon Street Eats for eight years. But no tourists mean no tours, so we have pivoted!

Saigon Supper Club currently has  two-hour menus of three Vietnamese dishes for bigger people and simple one-hour Vietnamese menus for smaller people.

Stay tuned for more cookalongs from around the world.

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